Dressing Up Formally with Pastelshades

It’s very important to look formal and neatly dressed at the workplace. For women it’s not very easy to select a good workwear outfit everyday.

We’ve curated a list of some chic and formal outfits you can go for when it comes to slaying at work. Your outfit reflects your personality and we have Kept in mind the best of the outfits for office wear for women which reflects your personalities better and creates an impression. 

1. Well Fitted Pants with Shirt

A well fitted pant with a crisp shirt is a must have in your corporate attire.
Pair your ankle length pants with a crisp white shirt and a coat in winters for that perfect modern formal look. Wear some classy high heeled shoes to give yourself that perfect lady look.

2. Pastelshades

You can never go wrong with some amazing pastel hues in your workwear. Light pastels just work perfectly for your office look. Pair a chic pleated pastel shirt with a night pencil skirt or bell bottom pants to give yourself a semi formal look. Pair it with high heeled shoes and look your best at work and yet be ready for dinner date with your better half later.

3. Beige and Browns

Beige is one the best and most sophisticated workwear colors. Don’t know how to pair it? Just go and add to your cart a semi formal white shirt and pair it with your beige and brown pants/jeggings/skirt. Pair it with comfortable brown wedges and a brown belt. And you are ready to slay your workwear in style.

4. Semi-Formal Look

When picking a semi formal workwear attire make sure it’s not OTT. When picking a semi formal attire you can actually think of dressing up in monotones. Pair your ruffled shirt with the same color pencil skirt to look formal and yet not so formal.

5. CHECKS & Stripes

Checks and Stripes are our favorite. Catch everybody’s eye with a stunning check dress to make a statement. Checks/Stripes look good in dresses as well as shirts. F wearing a dress, Add a belt to accessorize your gorgeous dress better as no outfit is complete if you don’t accessorize it well. 

6. Minimalist in You

Are you the one who likes to keep it minimal when it comes to accessories? Then we’ve found the perfect combination for you. It looks cliche but nothing fits better for office wear – shop for a high-waisted formal ankle-length pants and pair it with your favorite shirt. Accessorize the look with your basic watch and a pair of sophisticated pointed heels.

7. Dress Up Like You Own It

If you love wearing dresses then you need to have a look at this one. It’s simple yet so stunning – one can wear it for almost any occasion, be it formal or informal as it all depends on accessorizing it well. It could actually be your Friday outfit so you could add a pair of pretty earrings and head for a couple of drinks later. 

Grab these outfits from Pastelshades – one for each mood, and seize your day with an absolutely elegant, yet formal mood

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