Pragati Gupta - The woman behind “Pastelshades”

Holding a degree in Visual Design & Communication and with more than 11 years of experience in the field of art & design, she has always been passionate about designing and always wanted to start her fashion brand.

She’s a proud mother and an entrepreneur heading Pastelshades & ReTweaks, a Website Design/Development and Digital Marketing Company.

Pastelshades by Pragati aims at providing you with the Best Quality Odhanis (Dupattas) and Jewelry you would fall in Love with, right at your Doorstep.

Pragati believes in providing you the best handpicked and handcrafted jewelry design. She puts in immense effort to pick each and every design herself. 

She loves ethnic wear and thinks the look of an ethnic attire is only enhanced with a beautiful Odhani. That’s where this whole idea of designing odhanis came to her 2 years ago. That’s when she picked the fabric and started designing these gorgeous pieces.

Pastelshades believes in preserving the Indian culture and what best can do justice to that other than Dupattas and Jewelry. 

Accessories are considered to be an essential part of women’s lives as they are incomplete without it. It has been worn for years and is known to enhance the appearance. Women often buy jewelry for every celebration that matches their apparel. From gold, diamond to silver, there are numerous types of jewelry that are available in the market.

Pragati Gupta
Pic credit - Kathachitram by Shailja

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